About us

Obergs Refrigeration is among the few companies that actually have units all over the nation, our great variety of units and storage facilities allows us to respond in a timely fashion to our customers, Obergs Refrigeration is able to provide customers the units they need in the fastest time possible, no matter where your location is, we guarantee you that we have units close to you, ready to get on the road for you.

We also offer our Mobile Refrigerated Containers in different sizes, we have them in 20ft, 24ft and 40ft as well as Refrigerated Trailers that run out of diesel offered in other sizes. Obergs Refrigeration offers Refrigerated Container Rental, Temporary Refrigerated Container for Rent USA, Mobile Refrigerated Container for Rent USA, Mobile Refrigerated Container Leasing Company USA, Refrigerated Trailer Lease, Portable Refrigerated Trailer Rentals, Temporary Refrigerated Trailer Leasing and more in cities and states in the following: Austin TX, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Miami FL, Los Angeles CA, Orlando Fl, New York City NY, Boston, Detroit, Omaha NK, Madison WI, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco,, Richmond NC and a lot more places. Take a moment to read the great information that we here provide you, find out the great benefits of renting from Refrigerated Container Rental Nationwide as well as the benefits of renting a Refrigerated Container.

Another benefit of renting from Obergs Refrigeration is that we try to help our customer s in the best possible way, we try to work along with customer’s budget and need which is something kind of hard to find with other companies. Obergs Refrigeration offers services for: Portable Refrigeration Rental, Emergency Refrigeration Rental, Refrigerated Container Leasing, Mobile Cooler Containers, Obergs Refrigeration, and a great variety of more items.

Obergs Refrigeration is the number one company providing the best service to customers, satisfying our customer is of utmost importance to us. Obergs Refrigeration offers the greatest quality of customer service, we work alongside with our customers to provide them all the units they need for their projects or anything they are doing.

The bottom line is that the best way for you to save money, work in the most efficient way possible and be satisfied is renting from Obergs Refrigeration, because we have the facility that other companies don’t have, we all of our Reefer Containers, Mobile Freezer Trailers, Cold Storage Units and more stored all over the United States which allows us to give you an answer really quick, we offer our Refrigerated Containers as well as all of our Cold Storage Units for temporary rentals or long term rentals, we offer all the units also for long term leasing and short term leasing.